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New Life Hospice’s employees are a strong and essential component to the operation of our hospice program. Each volunteer brings to hospice a unique style, set of skills and experiences which greatly enhances the functioning and scope of services offered. All employees are appropriately screened, trained, supervised and immunized. The most common roles for employees in hospice include:

Employees in Direct Service:
These employees have direct contact with patients and their families/caregivers, and may perform a variety of duties. Direct contact employees visit patients in their place of residence , which could be in the patients’ private residence, a skilled nursing facility, etc. A few examples of how direct contact employees can be of service to a patient are, but not limited to:

  • giving a family member/caregiver a short period of respite, by sitting with the patient while the family member/caregiver enjoys some ”alone time“

  • do light housekeeping chores, read a book or the newspaper to the patient, run errands, prepare a light meal

  • or just spend time talking with the patient, giving them a sense of companionship

Employees in Administrative Support:
These employees perform a wide variety of office and support functions including, but not limited to, answering the phone, serving as receptionists, providing information, performing other clerical duties (e.g., typing, filing, duplicating, collating, and mailings).

Community/Group Employees:
These employees are usually involved in projects for hospice patients. An example of this type of volunteer would be groups of students who volunteer their time to hospice by performing some type of service. For example:

  • a classroom of elementary school students may make cards or seasonal arts and crafts projects to brighten a hospice patient’s room

  • a school choir may visit a nursing home and sing some songs for the patients

  • a drama class may perform small plays/skits for hospice patients in a facility

Bereavement Employees:
These employees, under the supervision of the Bereavement Coordinator, are an integral part of the hospice Bereavement Program. Bereavement employees make follow-up phone calls, send cards/mailings, etc. for a 13 month period after the death of the patient. Much can be gained from employees. They are not only required by the state for a hospice program, but to New Life Hospice they make the everyday operation of our program run smoother.

If you are interested in volunteering for New Life Hospice, or you know of anyone who would like to volunteer, please contact:

  • Volunteer Coordinator

  • Tel. # (215) 947-8565

  • Fax # (215) 938-1211